Energy Work

Humans are physical, spiritual, and energetic beings.  For centuries, cultures around the world have sought to describe this "Life Force Energy" and how it works in the body. Known as “Qi” (CHEE) in Chinese tradition, “Ki” according to the Japanese, “Prana” in Indian culture, and is known as “the force” in the popular Star Wars Jedi mythology. Qi literally translates as “breath” or “air” and more figuratively as “energy flow”. 

Life is full of physical, intellectual, and emotional challenges.  Many of the mechanism which lead to physical suffering, such as toxicity, stress, traumatic injury, or repetitive strain, also lead to a disruption in the bodies Qi flow.  Long before there were acupuncture needles, healers learned subtle techniques to help adjust this disrupted energy flow to help re-establish a balanced and harmonious flow.  Know today as “QiGong” in China, “Reiki” in Japan, and “Polarity” or "Healing Touch” in the West, these subtle Energy Work techniques can elicit profound emotional and physical transformation in patients.  Energy work, which usually consists of a series of “hands off” techniques to help open energy centers ("Dan Tien" or “Chakras”), can be combined with other modalities, or can be performed independently for patients wanting a gentle and subtle treatment.

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