My 35 years in martial arts has afforded me two things: a deeper connection between Mind and Body-and a unique familiarity with bodily injuries. Because my living depends on my body’s ability to move freely and recover quickly from injuries, my quest for effective therapies and bodywork is fairly extensive. What separates Dr. Todd from other practitioners I’ve worked with in the past is his ability to help patients to make sense of their injuries and to understand the different types of treatments available to them.
I can think of no higher endorsement for Dr. Todd and Integrative Healing Acupuncture, than to send my injured students, fellow martial artists, and friends to consult with him on their injuries.
— RICHARD ALONZO, Founder and Master Instructor at Alonzo Martial Arts

I have seen Todd routinely over the last 2 years, trying to get the most out of my training and maximize my performance. I am not only working injuries, but also on prevention of any body issues before they happen! Todd has a tremendous knowledge of massage therapy, chinese medicine and biomechanics. He is a must see for any athlete in the Boulder area, as well as “normal” folks looking well being of their bodies.
— GUILHERME FERREIRA CAMPOS, Professional Triathlete