As a pro triathlete there is always something going wrong, but knowing that Todd will be able to solve all of the problems that arise is a huge help. His ability to diagnose and treat the vast majority of issues, whether it be with massage, acupuncture, or herbs, makes him an indispensable part of my team, and in my opinion the best at his craft.

His combination of acupuncture and deep tissue massage, seems the perfect way of repairing muscle tissue from the inside and outside, to aid recovery, and rejuvenate.
— CAM DYE, Professional Triathlete
As a professional triathlete, I push my body to the limit every day and sometimes go too far. Todd is amazing at putting me back together and keeping my minor niggles from becoming injuries. In addition, Todd has an amazing skill set ranging from body work and massage to acupuncture, cupping, and joint mobilization that enable him to address and fix any and all my issues. Without Todd in my corner, I couldn’t train and race the way required to get and stay on the podium.
— MARY BETH ELLIS, ITU World Champion and 8x Ironman Champion